The ukulele is one of the most common members of the guitar family of the stringed instruments. It can be a formal setting or an informal instrument around the world. Whether you play the ukulele as a professional instrument or just your hobby in the spare time, you should know how to maintain it to improve the durability for a while of using. Even if you buy the best ukulele brands, you should obviously also cares your ukulele.

Identify the elements of the ukulele first

Before maintaining your ukulele, you need to identify its elements and its functions as well.


The head is located at the top of the neck of the ukulele where the strings attach to the tuning heads and are made to the top of the instrument.

Tuning heads

Tuning head is found on the head of the ukulele which could be turned to retain the ukulele in tune.


In the neck position, the strings are made across the instrument’s neck before being enclosed to the instrument’s body. You can keep the neck with only one hand while you are playing.


Frets are raised ridges on the neck of the instrument. You press down on the strings of the frets to adjust the notes which you are playing the instrument.


Strings are mostly made from the nylon material. These are removed to create sound. In general, most ukuleles have 4 single strings or 3 pairs of strings.


Body is the certain part of the instrument and is inbuilt with the wood. Some ukuleles are made from other materials, but these are not common.


In the bridge, all strings are attached to the body.

Sound hole

The sound hole is the largest hole in the center of the instrument’s body helps for shaking and reverberation. Your ukulele can produce sound smoothly.


In fact, the rosette is simple a decorative ring which is covered around the sound hole of the instrument.

How to clean the ukulele

To clean your instrument accurately, you should use a cleaner which is suitable to the instrument’s material. Then, you read the instruction and follow the steps in it.

Do not apply the cleaner on the fretboard and do not get the cleaner through the cracks or scratches as this will damage your instrument.

Sometimes, you need to use the polish for the instrument’s wood body. Do not put it on the fretboard and other parts in your ukulele.

Moreover, you clean the fretboard with a soft cloth to get rid of dust. Add the fretboard oil based on the directions.

Use clear nail polish is not a bad idea but you should use it carefully to any surface of the instrument.

Eventually, you can take guitar wax to cracks on the instrument to seal and protect your ukulele from moisture intrusion.

How to maintain your ukulele

Clean the instrument after playing

You completely buy all cleaning products, but make sure that need to use a soft cloth, to begin the cleaning process. Do not use harsh clothes or even the paper towels to wipe down the ukulele because you can leave the scratch marks on your ukulele.

By doing this, you can remove your sweat, dust, and other debris as well as be playing. Remember that, each playing session should add the cleaning process.

Store your ukulele in the right place

Even if you do not take your ukulele outside of the house, you should purchase a bag or a case. Dust and light dings are also the perfect reasons for developing some destroyed elements.

Furthermore, a temperature is another great problem for your instrument. Never take it in direct sunlight, hot temperature places like in a hot car. Although cold is less of a trouble, but you should not let them get stuck with unexpected components.

Take the right humidity environment for your instrument

Typically, wood is a natural material and it also reacts to the environment as well. Thus, you should be careful if you are living in a dry or wet place.

If the air is dry, the wood material in the ukulele can break. In this time, you should buy a humidifier to evade this issue. You need to put a small device on your instrument case and it remains the conditions smoothly. Humidifiers are inexpensive and easy to use.

If the air is cold, the material could be a malfunction. Use a silica gel pack in the case or bag is not a bad idea to solve this problem; especially for treating sturdy wood ukuleles. Laminated ones probably keep it better in a humid environment.

Typically, ukuleles often have silica packs, but some instruments do not include. Well, this is not expensive to invest and you can buy it everywhere.


Basically, clean and maintain your ukulele is not difficult once you know how to do. Also, you understand the reaction between chemicals and the materials on the instrument as well. By doing this, you can prevent possible accidents.