Shooting in the dark with your Glock is something we never really think about but still have to prepare for it. When the time comes and you must defend yourself and loves ones, you don’t want to be caught off guard. That is why having the best night sight for Glock around as a precaution is a good idea. With luck, you may rest easy knowing you got what it takes for the job without actually use it for once.  In the case you can use a couple hints on how to make a logical and informed choice then you come to the right place. Read through the below and make a wise decision.

There is an assortment of Glock night sights on the market with distinct characteristics for different needs and requirements. It’s essential you don’t make your purchase on a whim since that can cost you a lot of negligible gains.  Take it slow and steady, decide the features and qualities you need in a night sight before you head to the shop. This should keep you from getting lost and confused by a flood of products later on. As long as you follow this principle, you can certainly obtain something which satisfies you in every way.

Things you need to consider

As with anything else, it worth the effort to check out the aspects of the products and compare them to one another. Due to people preferences, many may think a certain sight is good enough for the task while the rest feel otherwise. Each sight got its pros and cons so it’s vital you go after a suitable and practical option. The last thing you want to do is a flashy sight which you have little use or unreliable on the field. Now, let take a look at what you have to check and exam on a sight. Do this step throughout and you won’t be disappointed with your choice.  

  • Price and quality.

Your budget has quite an influence on the kind of a sight you can buy but the product price tag is important nerveless. Of course, you want to a buy something fit your pocket and it’s perfectly understandable too. However, cheap products usually not going to last for long and their performances are mediocre at best. For a product that can be the decisive factor in a critical situation, you better make a careful and well-thought purchase. You don’t have to get the most expensive stuff but remember: A product quality is more or less related to its price.

This is where a compromise will take place so you can own a decent product for an affordable cost. Look into your wallet and decide the highest amount of money you are willing to spend on a Glock night sight. Keep the number in mind when you go down other criteria and at the end, you can grab a fairly nice product. This can’t get you a top of the line but it did result in a sight with an acceptable price.  

  • Effectiveness

It’s obvious that whatever you get must be of use to you or it’s simply a waste of money. The sight you choose should be able to function normally in the designed light condition and up to your liking. After properly mounted, it must stay completely still without being affected by the recoil of the gun.  Imagine how the sight would perform in real life and make your decision accordingly.

  • Endurance

If you are going buy a sight, at least make sure it can stick around for some time. Getting high-quality products is only worth it if it is durable. A fragile sight which can’t handle a bit rough might not be a good choice. Inspect the sight carefully so you can be sure it doesn’t prone to cracking or leaking.

  • Operation

A complex sight with complicated activation is ill-advised.  When you need to use your Glock in a nighttime emergency, you want to turn on the sight quickly and easily. If you can fully grasp how a sight work and the way to use it then simply check out other product to save time.  

Test out the sight

So you have made up your mind and finally decide on one particular sight. The next thing to do here is to see if it works as you like or not. The best to do it is to go through several magazines and check the result with your own eyes. There are three primary tests in order to ensure your night sight is up to specs and ready to be used.

  • Basic

Just equip your Glock with the sight and shoot a couple of rounds in a normal light condition. It helps you get the feel of the new sight since it can be quite a difference from the gun original one. Before you go over to night shooting, you need to get used to the change first. Increase the distance after a few magazines.

  • Low light

When you got all comfortable with the sight then it’s time to step up the difficulty. Now you shall check out the sight performance in a low light condition. Compare the results of your shooting to the basic one by ranges and decide whether the sight performance is consistent or not. If they are approximately the same then the sight seems to be a great buy

  • Dark

In this final test, your shooting skill is just as important as the sight quality. Proceed just as the above but this time you also need to determine the distance that you can shoot accurately in nighttime.


And that should be enough for the basics of how to pick the best night sight for Glock, not too difficult, right? The process of picking a good product can be hard if you have little knowledge about it. But if you can manage to follow the guide above, you can easily get a suitable night sight with a satisfied performance.