Most running shoes are comfortable when they try them in a few minutes of a shoe shop, but they are really cozy if you run in many miles. Sooner or later, you will identify that a suitable pair of shoes has other important points than the brand logo put on the side.

Also, are you aware that most comfortable running shoes often have good cushioned inside your feet? Yes, this is the first criteria to ensure the comfort level in your running shoes. But, how to choose good cushioned running shoes? Let’s find out!

3 Main Factors to Select well-Cushioned Running Shoes

Selecting a pair of running shoes which will suit your feet best is not difficult when….

  • Decide what type of running you will challenge and your style when running;
  • Choose the kind of running shoes and its features which meet your needs;
  • Take shoes on in order to find the right ones

A regular pair of running shoes can range from 400 to 500 miles of running. Similarly, you will use these about 4 months if you often run. Thus, you should check your prior shoes if you have the ones before. If they have something wrong, it could be time for replacing a new pair of shoes.

Recognize types of running shoes

Here are 3 certain categories you should know:

Road-running shoes

These are made for regular forays and pavement with some coarseness. For flexibility and light, the shoes are designed to strengthen your feet during monotonous steps on harsh surfaces.   

Trail-running shoes

If you always run on some tough grounds such as rocks, mud, roots, and other obstacles, then you could choose the trail-running shoes. They are built with hostile tread for strong traction and covered to provide firmness, support, and underfoot protection.

Cross-training shoes

These are perfect for specific workouts like Crossfit. Also, if you usually go to the gym center, do not forget to bring a pair of cross-training shoes. They have thick platform sole to make you feel much more comfortable.

Top factors you should pay attention when buying a pair of running shoes


Of course, this is the first priority to notice when it comes to a pair of shoes. In fact, most high-quality running shoes have expensive price tag than others. Never believe the advertising from other brands about the shoes is less expensive with top-notch quality. Everything always has the cost!

Time of changing a new pair of shoes

Most people have no idea when they should replace new shoes. They will buy a pair of shoes when the old ones are not beautiful anymore or they see attractive print ads in a shopping mall.

And I am sure you also do that! You should estimate the time of changing depending on the number of your running miles. The good cushioned running shoes often have around 400 or 500 miles.

Comfort level

The comfort level is everything a pair of running shoes has and it is probably the second factor you need to stay focused. Furthermore, it will protect your feet and your body in each mile during your performance.

Discover the cushioned level of a pair running shoe

Level 1

These running shoes have only one thin coating with minimal protection and you should select the Vibram V-Run.

Level 2

The shoes are truly flexible and light. They also have a cozy cushion and a minimal pressure when running on any surface. These are used by strong racers or competitive runners because they make foot stronger. Most racing shoes often have these features.

Level 3

You will not only feel comfortable but also feel well-balanced because of the modest cushion. Every step you move is like walking in the cloud with fast natural feet. These shoes with the third level often for advanced runners.

Level 4

For this level, these shoes are very adaptable and they have more cushions in every kind of ground so that you can select the shoes to run or walk.

Level 5

In this level, the cushioning in your running shoes is totally improves with the top-of-the-line technology at all.

Some further tips to choose the best running shoes

About the foot size

In my own experience, most runners and other buyers always blame for the size of shoes. It is not difficult to understand because each manufacturer has own size standard and the foot form of each person is also different.

It also depends on your foot shape such as flat feet, narrow feet, etc. If you want to ensure the right size, then you should measure your feet first and see the dimensions of the running shoes for each brand.

Do not try on the shoes in the early morning

In the morning, your foot size could be smaller at the end of the day. I think that your feet do not walk during your sleeping time and some muscles may reduce in their natural way. If you try on shoes in this period, you will feel uncomfortable.  

Pay attention to the toe room

In the running shoes, you should draw attention to the toe box as they will make your feet feel snug and protect your feet, your heel, and your toes as well.

Bring your orthotics along with the running shoes

If your doctor recommends you wear orthotics, then you should carry it when buying a pair running shoes in the shop.

Take into account the insoles

The outsoles and insoles in running shoes also play key roles. They will build the comfort and entire protection.


Choosing a good pair of running shoes is not a daunting task when you understand more about the shoes and your feet. It is like playing a puzzle game! Every piece should have a good connection.