The German Shepherd Husky Mix is also named Gerberian Shepsky is a great breed that most people love to have one because they are smart and energetic dogs. Like their parents, this dog breed has innumerable qualities and characteristics which make them a tremendous pet. If they have well-trained and get well-socialized, German Shepherd Husky Mix will truly become an excellent companion for all kids.

About the German Shepherd Husky Mix

This breed is a mixed dog which is a result of working dog parentage. So, this is not a pure-breed and they have gain characteristics from both their parents. Nonetheless, as a genetic rule, only the best breed can expressly get in the resultant breed. In fact, you cannot check their genes clearly about how the cross was created. You ought to study more about this breed through checking their parents only.

Identify their physical appearance

Their physical appearance is one of the most popular clues that you can recognize them easily such as their coat, their weight, their weight, their height, etc.

Their Fur

Like any German Shepherd and Siberian Huskies, German Shepherd Husky Mix have a thick, straight with a fuzzy coat which includes the inside and outside layer. They can have a long coat, short fur or both of them depending on their parents. For coat colors, it probably has a tremendous combination of other colors such as light brown, shades of brown, gold, white, light brown, gray, cream, red, etc.

Their weight

This breed often has the medium weight and large one as well which ranges from 45 pounds to 88 pounds.

Their height

In general, they have an average height between 20 inches and 25 inches. Their height can be adjusted through foods, their lifestyle, living environment, health condition, etc.

Their eyes

In general, their eyes have two-tone colors which can be similar or different in both. They can have blue or gray color. Sometimes, you ought to see a German Shepherd Husky Mix with the shades of brown color as well.

How do they behave?

Serene and kind

Someone will think that they are ferocious, but this is not a true fact at all. They are serene, kind, and also friendly. They often interact with humans and other dogs, but it relies on the living environment and the training condition they had when they were younger.


Luckily, they have beautiful appearance and intelligent brains at the same time. Thanks to the clever brain, they can adapt the standard requirements and basic training perfectly. They could be trained as guard dogs, working and service dogs. They are fast to learn new things and tricks.

Furthermore, their smart helps them to decide they are a strong leader. However, they sometimes are headstrong so you need to change the training method to get the best result at the end.

Playful and energetic

Their playful ability allows them to engage different physical activities and play with other sisters or brothers. They also can play with other dogs as well. That being said that, they are automatically playful because they will not miss a toy to chew and nestle.


Although they have a soft side, they are considered as a solicitous breed and natural protector. It is good to get a strong protector like them, but you sometimes feel uncomfortable because they are overprotective and aggressive. Please note that if you ignore this bad point, you will get several awful situations in the upcoming time through their reaction.

How about their diet?

The development of a dog relying on the category and amount of food you provide to his or her. With Gerberian Shepsky dogs, it is easy to feed them. Select the high-quality dog food is the best way to make sure their good health.

Because they are energetic and dynamic, you should pay attention to the protein food more than other types. Also, these foods have many flavors and vital nutrients such as fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, protein, etc.

You should take time to find good quality of dog food that would offer your dogs a full of nutrient it needs.

In case you are not sure what types of food are suitable for them, you need to try a few types and observe which one your pooches love or not. Nonetheless, you still need to choose foods which are rich in protein.

How to train them

They always to go out and run in the surface and play fetch with their owners. They enable to respond to a foundation command or trick as well. You should take time to play with them and show how you care them. They cannot bear the being alone condition for long periods of time.

They always to go out and run in the surface and play fetch with their owners. They enable to respond to a foundation command or trick as well. You should take time to play with them and show how you care them. They cannot bear the being alone condition for long periods of time.

When you want them to have a new habit, do not punish them in the first place if they do a wrong thing or misunderstand you. Practice with them and always encourage them to try more and more.

Some common health issues in German Shepherd Husky Mix that you should draw attention :

Health issues are unavoidable for any dog and humans as well, so you should recognize some such as ear infection, food allergy, allergy caused by chemicals, bloat, elbow and hip Dysplasia, Epilepsy, Endocrine Pancreatic insufficiency, cancer, etc.


Having a Gerberian Shepsky is an incredible moment with lots of fun trips at once simultaneously. However, if you do not know well about this hybrid breed but you still want to choose a dog, then you should discover further information.

This breed also requires lots of physical activities, so you should take time to create as many games as you can. Although you sometimes have many issues with raising a dog, you would get the best time to get this pooch with your effort as well.